Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First post

I'd like to keep this an anonymous blog. All I'll say is that I'm a Japanese student and will use this blog to help relieve the stress of the program im in. It's truly a great program, I can't imagine learning Japanese anywhere else, but I've been struggling to keep up because of all my other commitments. It's a one year program of only Japanese class at the full immersion level, with only lectures given in English, using the wonder textbook Japanese: The Spoken Language. I'm a frat guy and also a board member of a Japanese club and my conflicting interest have kept me from excelling in any field. I have class from early in the morning till about 4:30, and then dinner and class again from 7-10 again. It's all in Japanese, so I've had great immersion but it's really drained me.
My favorite group: Perfume

Why learn Japanese? I have some friends in highschool who were Japanese and I'm really interested in staying in touch with them once I get out of college, if I get out of college. I have a long track of engineering ahead of me once I get out of this program but I hope the transition back will go fine. There's a lot of Japanese music I like, especially the J-pop group Perfume, and I like a lot of Japanese anime, drama, and games. I'm a huge monster hunter fan! I think this is good for my first post, I'll let you guys know how my studies go, especially since I have an oral exam tomorrow >_<


  1. Oh this will be so fun to read!
    Sounds like a really fucking fun class, though, that's how language should be learned.
    Not you learning it, rather the language eating you up.

  2. Good luck on that exam! I know from a friend that Japanese is a hard language to learn.

  3. Good luck getting out of college, LOL.

  4. ブログできたんだ♬ いいねw がんばってね、いろいろ大変そうだけど(-u-;)

  5. i always wanted to learn japanese so i wouldnt have to read subtitles in animes

  6. Learning a language is no easy task, good luck.